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We Sustain

Arguably the most crucial part of what we do – how can we protect if we don’t sustain? – our commitment to sustainability is longstanding, far reaching and utterly resolute.

Right back to the creation of our world-first Jiffy bag, a 100% recyclable protective bag
(then. now. always) sustainability has been fundamental to our production, processes and approach.
In fact, it’s the core way we answer our own daily-asked question: “Is this good enough?”

Here are just some of the ways we’ve kept sustainability front and centre:

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Product recycled in house
Production is sold 0
Bubble recyclable
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Recyclable foam

And it’s not all about the stats...

We choose to make non-cross linked foams to use in our protective packaging. A little bit trickier for us, a whole lot better for the environment.

We only supply products that are recycled or recyclable. There are lots of others out there, they’re just not the ones for us.

We use the leftover gas and oil from our polymerisation process to create ‘granulates’ and then use those to make whole new bubbles, foams, profiles and countless other products.



We’re proud owners (and creators) of the famous ‘million-mile’ Jiffy. This original Jiffy padded bag travelled back and forth between the UK and New Zealand 50 times, clocking up an incredible million miles delivering audio letters between pen friends. And then they kindly gave it to us. 

Million Mile Jiffy

But we know there’s still more to do. So here’s where we want to go next…

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of our sites poweredby solar panels by 2025

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Carbon neutral

by 2030

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50% target

of all materials to be reclaimed by April 2022

Abriso-Jiffy sustainability

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