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  • Thermal insulation

    There is no doubt that insulation is a hot topic. Indeed, no better investment for the environment than an improved insulation of your home or office. In winter, we like to be warm inside while in summer it should be nice and cool.

    Our extensive range of insulation solutions, including IsoFoam, IsoBubble, IsoProfiles, XPS and Frostmats, are testament to our commitment to innovation, quality and protection.

    IsoFoam, IsoBubble, XPS, Frostmat

Flexible insulation solutions
made to measure

IsoFoam and IsoBubble are flexible products that are available in rolls or already converted by us. As standard conversion we offer bags, stitched covers, sleeves, etc. You name it, we make it.

We also offer the choice between bubble and foam. The choice between the two depends on your specific needs and the nature of your products. Both IsoFoam and IsoBubble offer protection and sufficent insulation.

Application of our products:

In every building project you will find products of Abriso Jiffy. Check out the wide range of possibilities:

Frost mat

ISO profiles

ISO rolls

XPS Building Boards

Order the samples

Durable and moisture-resistant insulation for many applications

XPS, or extruded closed-cell polystyrene, stands for durability and moisture resistance in insulation products. These sturdy insulation boards can be found in various applications such as roof insulation, basement insulation and floor insulation.

Moreover, their ability to repel moisture ensures that areas prone to moisture, mould and micro-organisms remain protected. XPS is therefore THE insulation of choice for basements, swimming pools, floors, roofs and cavity walls.

Protection against frost and
freezing temperatures

Frost and freezing temperatures pose a significant threat to water-based cement solutions such as screed and concrete. Inadequate protection during cold spells can lead to weakened concrete structures.

To ensure that your construction projects remain undamaged, Abriso Jiffy sought a solution in the form of frost mats, including the AbriFrost8. Made of polyethylene (PE), these mats combine insulation with moisture resistance, preventing them from sticking to concrete surfaces.
Our frost mats provide frost resistance and insulation, allowing fresh concrete or screed to withstand even the coldest days.


Abriso Jiffy, through its insulation products, is committed to sustainability and the environment. Thanks to their multiple applications, IsoBubble and IsoFoam help protect all aspects of your products.

By protecting them properly, they stay fresh for longer and/or are not damaged, which indirectly leads to less waste.
Our closed-cell extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation boards also contribute to our sustainability story. They not only have an insulating function, but also a moisture-resistant one.

Sustainability does not just stop with the application of our products, we, at Abriso Jiffy, also push hard for recycling. All our production processes are built for internal recycling. In this way, our thermal insulation solutions contribute twice to our sustainability efforts.

We collect and sort 100% of our
group-wide production waste.

Proud to be a sustainable leader in our field, we’ve been committed to the cause from our very beginnings. From launching our world-first 100% recyclable padded bag to developing
a group-wide waste-free cradle-to-cradle’ approach, sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make.

We protect.

So how exactly do we do what we do, sustainably?

Because we’re 100% committed to what we call our ‘circular economy’ and ‘cradle-to-cradle’ products – which basically means that none of our waste ends up in the incinerator or landfill. In fact, we have no waste. Everything is reused. And we do this in two main ways.

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