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  • ISOLTHENE Profiles

    Copper and steel/lead pipes also deserve the right protection. Our insulation tubes give the right protection, not only against possible damage but also against cold and heat loss.

    Insulation tubes are non-flammable polyethylene foam tubes with an excellent thermal insulation coefficient. They help to protect but also to reduce your energy costs. Thanks to their different sizes and high flexibility, they can be applied to different types of pipes.
    Abriso Jiffy offers also other shapes like T-profiles and L-profiles.


Protect against heat and cold

Insulation tubes are non-inflammable tubes of polyethylene (PE) foam with an excellent thermal insulating coefficient. They protect against cold and heat loss and help you minimise energy costs.

Our tubes are used for heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and sanitation and have a range between temperatures from -30°C to 70°C. The provided incision makes it easy to install the tubes around the pipes.

The T-profile and L-profile, wich are also provided with an incision, will make the installation even easier!


Excellent insulation qualities. Lambda value: 0.038 W/mK at 40°C

For heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and sanitation. Temperatures from -30°C to 70°C

Fire resistant

Acoustic reduction


Available specifications:

  • Dimensions:

    9mm thickness:

    • diameter between 12 to 48mm
    • T- profiles
    • L-profiles

    15mm thickness:

    • diameter between 12 to 60mm
    • T- profiles
    • L-profiles
    Available edge finishing
    Different diameters
    Isolthene T-profile
    Isolthene L-profile

Application of our products:

Our PE foam tubes are non-inflammable tubes and can be used for:


Air conditioning



Damage protection

Other Thermal insulation:

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