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    Whatever your preference, we stand by your side. Our side strips play a important role in the overall contact sound reduction. That is why we talk about Acoustic Side Strips. These side strips consist of extruded polyethylene foam (PE) with closed cells which makes them also resistant to moisture.

    Acoustic Side Strip is known as our standard product, while Acoustic Custom Strip is made according to your needs. Check out the different options below.

    Acoustic Side Strip – Acoustic Custom Strip

It is all in the details

The Acoustic Custom Strip can be assembled entirely to your needs. This side strip is available with 5 different options other than the standard choices such as different heights, thicknesses, and lengths. The Acoustic Custom Strip makes it possible to fit perfectly into the space where you wish to apply the screed. That way, you decide what works best for you.

The versatility of the Acoustic Custom Strip gives you the freedom to choose between tear-off strips, back glue strips, protective flaps with or without glue and even a half-cut incision at the back to connect more easily to the screed underlay.

Time to make your life as convenient as possible with the Acoustic Custom Strip of Abriso Jiffy.

Correct installation

First place the Acoustic Strips or the Acoustic Custom against the upstanding wall or around pipes or tubes, only then install the screed underlay.

Place half of the standard Acoustic Strip or Acoustic Custom under the acoustic underlay. This prevents the final screed from getting into contact with the underlying filling layer or concrete layer.

It is generally prescribed that your side strip should be at least 20 mm above the floor finish. Before installing the skirting boards, the visible part is cut off.

Choose the right height:

Low side strips vary between 100mm and 150mm. These heights are usually used for domestic homes.
Available heights:• 100mm • 120mm • 150mm

High side strips vary between 200mm and 300mm. These heights are often used in industrial buildings and apartments.
Available heights:• 200 mm • 250mm • 300mm


Acoustic reduction

Smooth and easy to process

100% recyclable

Easy to cut

Light material


Save time and money with our customisable options

Customise your side strips in just two steps with our Acoustic Custom Strip.

STEP 1: Choose your roll:

Choose your HEIGHT
Choose your THICKNESS
Choose your LENGTH

STEP 2: Choose your Options

Option 1 - Tear off slits
Option 2 - Back glue strip
Option 3 - Protective flap without glue strip
Option 4 - Protective flap WITH glue strip
Option 5: Incision at the back Extra cover of insulation

Application of our products:

Acoustic Custom REGULAR

Acoustic Custom PREMIUM

Acoustic Custom DELUX

Sustainability and energy efficiency

In addition to a soundproofing function, screed underlays also have an insulating and thermal function. As we are committed to sustainability, it is important to extend this to our products.
That is why we invest in the production of products that are 100% recyclable. Last year we recovered 15,000 tonnes of waste and saved more than 25,000 tonnes of CO2.
With Abriso Jiffy’s screed underlays and Acoustic Side strips, you are helping to create a sustainable building in a sustainable world.

Other Contact sound insulation:

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