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  • Automotive

    Our extruded polypropylene (PP) foam solutions are ideal for the automotive sector.

    Thanks to their closed-cell, non cross-linked properties, our product is light at both low and high temperatures.
    In this way, we are able to literally and figuratively shape the automotive sector. It offers numerous advantages, such as weight reduction, improved aesthetics and energy efficiency of the final vehicle.

    Our applications are available in different sizes, thicknesses and colours.

Improving and protecting
automotive components:

Our PP foam materials play an important role in the automotive industry by providing lightweight, soundproof, heat-resistant and water-resistant solutions. These materials address the limitations of traditional parts and offer durability and comfort while meeting stringent automotive standards.

Of course, we also offer protection materials for cars during transport of the separate parts (PE or PP mould solutions) or of the car itself (PE pads on doors, etc.). Specialised in the extrusion of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) into technical foam solutions, profiles, foam and air bubble products as well as flooring underlay, insulation boards and tubes.

Improving the interior
quality of cars:

PP foam materials find wide applications as cladding material for various interior parts of cars. Whether for air ducts, door films, headliners, instrument panels, sun visors or foot mats, PP foam materials improve the quality and comfort of car interiors.
They offer excellent thermal insulation, water resistance, temperature and heat resistance, sound insulation, …

Innovating for a greener future:

With our innovative, environmentally conscious PP foam materials, Abriso Jiffy points the way to a sustainable future for the automotive industry. We prioritise lightweight, environmental protection and comfort without compromising on quality or performance.
Every little bit helps. The automotive industry ensures lower emissions by using lighter materials.

We, at Abriso Jiffy in turn, take the carbon footprint into account in our production process.
Because both sectors have their finger on the pulse, we are achieving better results together in terms of our sustainability story.

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Automotive catalogue:

Prop-X®  /  PP Protect

PP Plank



We protect.

So how exactly do we do what we do, sustainably?

Because we’re 100% committed to what we call our ‘circular economy’ and ‘cradle-to-cradle’ products – which basically means that none of our waste ends up in the incinerator or landfill. In fact, we have no waste. Everything is reused. And we do this in two main ways.

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