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  • PP solutions

    The PP solutions of Abriso Jiffy are the preferred solution for a variety of markets and applications. Our PP Protect solutions are a closed-cell, non-crosslinked, extruded polypropylene sheet foam.

    With a wide range of sizes, densities, lengths and colours, this foam defines possibilities in a wide variety of industries.

    Exhibits outstanding physical, mechanical and chemical properties and a broad temperature service range from -40°C to +155°C . It can be easily thermoformed, compression moulded or die-cut as well as laminated by ultrasonic, flame hot air or hot plate.

    Prop-X – PP Protect – PP Planks

Sustainable Solutions
Endless Possibilities

PP Protect is the ideal solutions for applications in markets such as automotive (acoustic applications, interior trim, spare wheel covers,…), packaging (thermoformed trays, food boxes, medical thermal insulation bags, …), sports & leisure (shoe soles, helmet linings, tape carriers, bottle cap lining, …) but also construction (parquet and floating floors, underlay, shelter & wall panels, …).

The product is 100% recyclable and is available in a wide variety of dimensions, densities, lengths and colours. It can be produced as tailor-made prouduct with characteristics possible such as flame retardant, UV stabilised,…


Chemical resistance


Low thermal conductivity

Easy to glue

100% recyclable

Application of our products:

PP Protect offers versatile solutions for automotive, packaging, sports, leisure, and construction industries.
This 100% recyclable product is customisable in dimensions, densities, and colours, available in rolls or planks, and offers flame retardant and lamination options for diverse applications

Sports and leisure enthusiasts can enjoy the ingenuity of PP Protect in applications such as shoe soles, helmet liners, tape carriers and bottle liners.
The foam’s reliability and comfort-enhancing properties meet the diverse needs of an active lifestyle.

In the automotive sector, “PP Protect” shines as the choice of choice for acoustic applications, interior trim, spare wheel covers and much more.
Its exceptional properties allow manufacturers to enhance both functionality and aesthetics, leading to a more refined driving experience.

In the construction world, PP Protect and PP Plank find their place. From parquet and floating floors to subfloors and sheltered wall panels, this product helps to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound.

Packaging reaches new heights with “PP Protect” as it can be used seamlessly to create thermoformed trays, food boxes and medical thermal insulation bags. This foam ensures that contents remain protected while offering an environmentally conscious solution.


ABR_JFY_Prop-X_2pp.pdf (384.97 KB)
ABR_JFY_Prop-X_2pp.pdf (384.97 KB)

Other Industrial foam solutions:

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