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  • ISO-rolls

    Iso Rolls, Abriso Jiffy’s insulation technology, offer numerous possibilities.

    By combining bubbles or foam with an additional layer of ALU, PET or PP, we have created a product that rediscovers versatility.

    Iso Rolls stand out for their insulating functionality and offer a shield against cold and heat.
    Protect your products with confidence knowing that with Iso Rolls, they will remain safe and intact in any environment.

Iso Rolls or converted products

The advantage of using Iso Rolls is that you can convert the rolls into the product that you want.
Iso Rolls are, in most cases, converted into other products before they go to the end customer.
If you don’t have the possibility to convert the right product for your use, of course we at Abriso Jiffy can convert it for you.

Our bubble and foam can be laminated with ALU, PET, PP, …

Iso Foam or Iso Bubble

When it comes to product protection and insulation, Iso Foam and Iso Bubble emerge as frontrunners.
They offer both protection and the necessary insulation.

The choice between the two depends on your specific needs and the nature of your products.
Iso Foam and Iso Bubble, each with their unique properties and their own advantages.
Whether you prefer the resilient structure of foam or the cushioning effect of bubble wrap, or if your decision is based on other specific requirements, our range offers the flexibility to meet every preference.

Product adapted to your needs:

  • Properties:

    • Laminates with ALU
    • Laminates with PET
    • Laminates with PP
    • Different bubbles
    • Sizes rolls
  • Properties:

    • Laminates with ALU
    • Laminates with PET
    • Laminates with PP
    • Different foam thicknesses
    • Sizes rolls
Iso Foam
Iso Bubble

Other Thermal insulation:

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