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  • Packaging

    Packaging is not just about packing your goods. It is about packing, protecting and transporting your products.

    With Abriso Jiffy’s packaging products, you ensure that your products reach their destination safely.
    Abriso Jiffy offers a full range of protective packaging products. From bubble wrap to PE foam, PE profiles and mailers.
    Each protective packaging product has its own specific advantages to protect what needs to be protected.

Our packaging products

are designed not only to protect goods, but also to minimise their impact on the environment.

Protecting goods properly prevents them from breaking, protects them from dirt, keeps them fresh for longer,… In this way, you directly and indirectly help reduce waste.

At Abriso Jiffy, we offer a wide range of protective packaging for all your needs and those of your customers.
Through innovative materials and environmentally conscious practices, we are shaping a greener, more responsible future.

Application of our packaging products:

We have an enormous variety of protective packaging products.  We would like to introduce a few of them below.

Bubble Laminates

PE Foam Laminates

TAP Comebag® bubble mailer

Protective Profiles


Jiffy Mailmiser® Kraft Bubble Mailer

Technical Foam Solution

Order the samples

Packaging catalogue

To serve all our clients, it is necessary to do enough research on what is needed in the market.
We want to listen to our clients and make sure that we offer the product that they need.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap

PE foam

PE foam

PE profiles

PE profiles



Technical Foam Solution

Technical Foam Solution

Ocean Green® & Renew

Ocean Green® and RENEW, our recycled foam product initiatives, focuses on recycling and reusing materials so that they do not end up as waste.
By giving these materials a new life, we reduce our ecological footprint and contribute to a circular economy.

Sustainability is not just about products; it is about responsibilities. Abriso Jiffy focuses on reducing waste and minimising the impact on the environment in every aspect of our operations. We believe that businesses play an important role in building a sustainable future and we are proud to be part of the solution.
With these solutions, we are on a path to a greener and more sustainable packaging industry – one that protects both products and the planet for generations to come.

About Sustainability

At Abriso Jiffy, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is a core value that influences our decisions.
We understand the crucial role the packaging industry plays in minimising environmental impact and we have made it our mission to lead by example.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our innovative product lines, such as ‘Ocean Green’ for PE and bubble products and ‘RENEW’ for foam.
These environmentally conscious solutions are a testament to our unwavering commitment to preserving the planet.
Our ‘Ocean Green’ products not only offer excellent protection, but also contain recycled materials. As part of our sustainability story, it has become our standard product.






We collect and sort 100% of our
group-wide production waste.

Proud to be a sustainable leader in our field, we’ve been committed to the cause from our very beginnings. From launching our world-first 100% recyclable padded bag to developing
a group-wide waste-free cradle-to-cradle’ approach, sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make.

We protect.

So how exactly do we do what we do, sustainably?

Because we’re 100% committed to what we call our ‘circular economy’ and ‘cradle-to-cradle’ products – which basically means that none of our waste ends up in the incinerator or landfill. In fact, we have no waste. Everything is reused. And we do this in two main ways.

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