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Insulation tubes

Insulation tubes are a non-inflammable tube of polyethylene foam with an excellent thermal insulating coefficient. It protects against cold and heat loss and helps you minimize energy costs. Thanks to its large range of dimensions and its flexibility, it can be applied to different types of tubes in copper or steel.


  • dia 12 to 48mm in 9mm thickness
  • dia 12 to 60m in 15mm thickness



  • Excellent insulation qualities. Lambda value: 0.038 W/mK at 40°C.
  • For heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and sanitary. Temperatures from -45°C till
  • 100°C.
  • Closed cell structure: protects against humidity and steam. Avoids condensation.
  • Fire resistant: hardly inflammable.
  • Non-perishable.
  • Chemically inert.
  • HCFC- free, according to the actual standards.
  • Reduces noises caused by flux or beats.
  • The incision and the flexibility make it easier to apply the ABRITUBE® tubes.
  • Production with self-adhesive strips possible for a perfect closing (on request)

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