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  • Medical Industry

    Abriso Jiffy is also active in numerous applications in the medical industry.

    You will find these mainly in our PE (polyethylene) and XPS (extruded polystyrene) products.

    When you know that only in the medical world the highest standards count, it is very important that you also supply the best products.

    Our products are being processed with great precision by our customers to meet all medical needs.
    Abriso Jiffy is proud that we can indirectly help everyone’s health.

We keep you safe!

Sterile packaging and temperature control solutions, are necessary for safe storage and transportation.

Our products are delivered to professionals who process them into the products that take care of our health all over the world.

You don’t always see them because they are incorporated in a finished product, but the fact that they are there already makes you feel safe.

Application of our products:

Even if you can’t see them, we know they are there

Medical transport bags

Medical refrigerators and cold stores


PE (polyethylene) in medical bags

Our PE solutions are an innovation in the field of medical packaging.
We offer a wide range of PE products, which are processed into medical bags and films.

PE’s sterile and moisture-resistant barrier properties make it the ideal choice for storing and transporting medical devices and supplies, …

XPS in medical containers

Our XPS solutions are also versatile and invaluable in the medical field. Whether you need protective packaging for fragile medical instruments or insulation for healthcare facilities, our XPS foam boards can be processed here. In hospitals, XPS plays a crucial role in temperature control, especially in areas such as cold storage for vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

The exceptional cushioning and shock-absorbing properties of XPS foam also make it an ideal choice for medical transport containers, where temperature-sensitive medicines and samples must be kept under precise conditions during transport. You can even find XPS in ambulances.

Related products:

Order the samples

We collect and sort 100% of our
group-wide production waste.

Proud to be a sustainable leader in our field, we’ve been committed to the cause from our very beginnings. From launching our world-first 100% recyclable padded bag to developing
a group-wide waste-free cradle-to-cradle’ approach, sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make.

We protect.

So how exactly do we do what we do, sustainably?

Because we’re 100% committed to what we call our ‘circular economy’ and ‘cradle-to-cradle’ products – which basically means that none of our waste ends up in the incinerator or landfill. In fact, we have no waste. Everything is reused. And we do this in two main ways.

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