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Premium merchandise

Premium products are dedicated for particularly demanding applications. There are various types available:

  • Products with fleece
  • Adhesive Products
  • Cardboard sheets with foam
  • Separators

LDPE FILM LAMINATED WITH FLEECE is an extremely durable packaging material for heavy, vulnerable to scratches items.

LDPE film is characterized by its high resistance to punctures and ruptures and the fleece protects delicate surfaces.

Converting it into sleeves makes it possible to protect long objects such as lamp posts, pipes, etc.

BUBBLE WRAP WITH FLEECE – it is an ideal solution for protecting furniture, glossed surfaces and fragile items vulnerable to scratches.

FOAM WITH FLEECE – the layer of fleece protects delicate surfaces. The product is particularly useful for protecting vulnerable surfaces and ensures they will stay intact. It is characterized by its high resistance to tearing and punctures. Various humidity levels do not influence its dimensional stability.

1) Self-adhesive bubble wrap – thin glue, does not leave marks on the protected surface.

The self-adhesive bubble wrap can be applied to items which are:

  • Lacquered
  • Wooden
  • Made of glass
  • Made of metal
  • Made of aluminum
  • Chrome and nickel-plated
  • Made of plastic

2 ) 2 and 3 mm self-adhesive foam with thin glue.

3 ) Foam with glue – permanent glue (dedicated to cardboard boxes, wood and other surfaces) covered with a special film

4) Polylam with glue – permanent glue covered with a special film

CARDBOARD SHEETS WITH PE FOAM are recommended for separating and protecting products placed in layers so as they would not move and by doing so get damaged

They are applied in the construction and automotive industries. The standard size 1145x745mm fits perfectly the Euro-pallet thus the products are protected both during the shipment and storage.

The only limitation of the possible uses of SEPARATORS and PROFILES is our customers’ imagination. They can be applied in numerous industries such as furniture, electronics and automotive and also whenever it is necessary to protect the goods from damage during transportation and storage. They perfectly separate long goods and they can be used inside containers and boxes.

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