• Focus on products with longer lifetimes
  • Innovation towards environmental friendly protection solution
  • All our products are made from recycled materials or materials that can be recycled
  • Maximum of our waste in production is re-used
  • Increase use of recycled material during production process
  • Move to products based on 100% use of recycled content
  • Eco-friendly processes that consume fewer natural resources, such as water and energy
  • Use of green energy through solar panels
  • Green gasses, reduction CO2 and waste reduction through the process of optimization
  • Responsible throughout the value chain
  • Respect for ALL stakeholders
  • Fair remuneration and working conditions
  • Health & Safety key metric in operations

Beyond protection


  • We want to achieve long-term business goals but also to positively impact the world and the environment.
  • Helping people around the world to live better lives.
  • Better Shelter Partnership: www.bettershelter.org

50 years +

235M € annual revenue

15 production locations

42 countries served

1.500 employees

Recycling 30k tonnes/year