Polypropylene foam, a unique material for high technical requirements. It is a closed-cell, non-cross linked, extruded polypropylene foam with outstanding physical, mechanical and chemical properties and a broad temperature service range from – 40°C to +155°C.

It can be easily thermoformed or compression moulded, die-cut, slit as well as laminated by ultrasonic, flame, hot air or hot plate. The product is 100% recyclable and is available in a wide variety of dimensions, densities, lengths and colors. It can be produced in rolls or in planks to meet all requirements. Flame retardant and lamination options also exist with various film and foam types.



  • 100% recyclable
  • Excellent chemical resistance & physical properties
  • Broad temperature resistance from -40°C up to 155°C
  • Flexible product formulation and characterization
  • Weight and cost reduction
  • Resilient and tough
  • Increased stiffness at low weight
  • Heat and sound insulator
  • non-toxic
  • suitable for foodstuffs
  • mould and moisture resistant
  • excellent heat and sound insulation
  • dust-free
  • resists most chemicals
  • air- and watertight
  • cfc-free
  • Low VOC, neutral
  • complies REACH certifications

50 years +

235M € annual revenue

15 production locations

42 countries served

1.500 employees

Recycling 30k tonnes/year