Our purpose is to protect

  • against DAMAGE
  • against HEAT/COLD
  • against SOUND


What we do

Abriso Jiffy is a leading European manufacturer of protective packaging and insulation materials. The company is specialized in the extrusion of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) into technical foam solutions, profiles, foam and air bubble products as well as flooring underlay, insulation boards and pipes.
what we do













Strong commitment to sustainability and protecting the nature


…RECYCLE   ALL products with short lifetimes are 100% recyclable

…RE-USE      100% of our waste in production is re-used

…REDUCE    Innovation towards environmental friendly protection solution

…RETHINK   New technologies that limit harm to the environment


Where we are

map top 1

50 years +

250M € annual revenue

15 production locations

34 countries served

1.600 employees

Recycling 30k tonnes/year